Number Nine started back in 2015 in Copenhagen in a small pop-up shop. Here the shop was located on Studiesstræde no. 9, from which the name 'Number Nine' arose. After approximately 6 months as a pop-up shop, we decided to move the shop permanently to Skagen. Here we have a small physical store with opening hours during the holiday season, with an associated webshop that is open all year round.

At Number Nine, we make an effort every day to be more than just a store. Our range ranges widely with both high end brands, sporty brands and fashion brands where the combinations are endless, and we are always ready to help answer all questions and provide the best service. We have created a universe where there is room to unfold and create new impressions. That is why we always make sure to provide inspiration and have the coolest products from the coolest brands.

//Number Nine