Number Nine presents a new brand in the shop



ROTATE is a brand from Birger Christensen created in collaboration with the brand's creative directors, the influencers Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimarsdottir. ROTATE focuses on creating coveted styles for the festive wardrobe, and the brand's sexy take on everything from mini dresses, suiting and accessories has achieved global success with leading retailers worldwide. ROTATE was created as a response to Jeanette and Thora's conversations about the shortcomings of their own wardrobe, namely bold, sexy and fun dresses with a democratic price point.

ROTATE is sold in over 40 countries and we at Number Nine can present them this year. ROTATE was voted one Brand to Watch in 2019 by Forbes Magazine. ROTATE won the prestigious Year's Unavoidable award at the Elle Style Awards Denmark in 2019. ROTATE was named 'A Brand to Watch 2020' in's influential Year in Fashion, and we can certainly understand why at Number Nine.


Proenza Schouler is a world-renowned brand that can be found here at the shop. It all started back in 2002 in New York. The founders, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, met as students at Parson's School of Design, the design school where, among others, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang studied. They started a collaboration at the end of their schooling, which also became their first collection by Proenza Schouler, which is named after the designers' mothers. Their inspirations for designs come from art and youth cultures, where from the beginning there has been a great focus on tailoring and the small details. Since the creation of Proenza Schouler, they have had an important role in American fashion, and they have also been honored for this with the many awards they have won.

Proenza Schouler White Label is a newer line that focuses on the more raw and edgy sides of women's fashion. We present the more classic side of Proenza Schouler here at the shop.