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The story behind the quality-conscious brand Anine Bing

At Number Nine, one of our leading brands is Anine Bing and Anine Bing Sport. At Number Nine, Anine Bing's delicious quality brand has become a recognized brand from our many customers all over the world. We offer both Anine Bing and Anine Bing Sport in our visual universe here at the shop. In season, you can try all the beautiful styles at any time in our flagship store in Skagen. What we love about Anine Bing is that it's quality design with a minimalist twist on classic everyday styles. As a customer, you can see a large selection of all styles here:

Anne Bing

Anine Bing is a Danish/Brazilian woman who grew up in Sweden and since she was 15 worked as a model and already at the age of 20 she moved to LA. She now lives in LA with her husband and two children. Her many years in the fashion industry have meant that today she has become a recognized fashion designer and had her big breakthrough back in 2012. Here she launched her first collection, where things have taken off since then. She has managed to build a strong brand that is very successful all over the world. Her brand is now sold in more than 350 stores across Europe and the USA. Anine Bing has signature stores in Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Soho and Sydney.

Her big mission is to produce everyday styles of high quality, which can lift the simple everyday look to new heights. The fashion brand works based on 5 core values; Creativity, quality, experience, empowerment and persistence. Anine Bing has always been true to the brand's values ​​and you can see 5 core values ​​from each season and collection. It is also important for Anine Bing to design a collection that appeals to women around the world. She runs a fashion business to uplift women and give them the belief that they can do whatever they want. She is a true feminist and she has therefore prioritized having a majority of female employees at the head office in LA precisely because she believes in strong women.

Aning Bing also finds her inspiration in things from her everyday life in LA As she often shops at local markets, vintage stores and the women she meets in her daily life. Anine Bing is also an advocate for the modern woman and it can be clearly seen in her fashion to design clothes for the modern mom-wife / work-wife.

Collection for everyday use and parties

Anine Bing designs styles both for everyday use but also for sports. Anine Bing's clothes are extremely easy to put together and her collection has everything from lace underwear to raw denim jeans to castle blazers, boots as well as shirts and knitwear. The design of her clothes is a combination of the beautiful, simple Scandinavian style. The special thing about her collections is the expression on the various t-shirts and sweatshirts with prints. Anine Bing herself describes her prints as "rock and roll".

In addition to the beautiful t-shirts and sweatshirts, she also makes boots and bags, which can be seen on the webshop. The boots are preferably designed in a leather look with studs in the raw universe. Perfect for both everyday and parties. Her bags are classic and her denim jeans suit the modern woman. Several different jeans have been developed, which mostly have a mid or high waist fit.

Number Nine's large selection of Anine Bing & Anine Bing Sport

You will of course also find shirts and dresses in Anine Bing's collections and you can shop it all at Number Nine. Beautiful elegant styles that match cool with the more raw denim jeans. Although some of the shirts have a boyfriend/oversize fit, they still have a very feminine look. So it gives a raw and feminine look regardless of how you mix and match Anine Bing's beautiful styles.